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Koolin’ K9s offers a range of pet care services to support you while you chase your dreams.

  • Dog Walking

  • Last-Minute Dog Walking

  • Daytime Dog Sitting

  • Overnight Stays

  • Pet Boarding

  • Doggy Daycare

  • Daytime Cat Sitting

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Just like we take our time to get to know someone before we commit to spending considerable amounts of time with them, we like to get to know your pet before we commit to providing services for them.

First, we will confirm you are within our service area. Our first meeting consists of a 30-minute conversation to learn your pets' habits, daily routines, eating and bathroom schedules, what they like to play with, their favorite spots for a walk, and other essential details. 

We’ll also review our policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have so you can feel at ease leaving your pet in our care.

This first visit is essential for us, as we want to give the best care to your pet and keep them comfortable with people they like.


We won’t work with a pet we don’t know for their safety and ours.

Pencil and notepad


Dog Walking
Going for a Walk

Dog Walking

We understand dream achievers might not have the time to walk their dogs. We also know all dogs need to be active, walk, run, and play to effectively expend their energy. Daily activity is crucial to their health and readies them to give you all their love when you come home.


Every dog is different, so we have various options for their walks, and you can customize the number of visits you need.

  • 30-minute walk - $20 + $5 per extra dog

  • 60-minute walk - $40 + $10 per extra dog

  • Late night walk - $50 + $15 per extra dog

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Last-Minute Dog Walking

Yes! We take last-minute walks, but they must be booked a minimum of 4 hours before the time of the service. And this service is only readily available for current clients. A 25% surcharge will be applied.


If you are not one of our existing clients, but you would like to have an emergency plan for last-minute walks, reach out to us. We can work together to do an initial meeting, and develop a plan that works for everyone!

  • 30-minute walk: $20 + $5 per extra dog + 25% surcharge

  • 60-minute walk: $40 + $10 per extra dog + 25% surcharge

  • Late night walks: $50 + $15 per extra dog + 25% surcharge


Pet Sitting
Dog Lover

Daytime Dog Sitting

Goal-oriented pet parents who are dream achievers often have to spend a lot of time away from home. No worries, we are here to take great care of your pets, so you can focus on chasing your dreams. Rest assured that your pet will receive the care they need, and lots of love and cuddles. We will feed them and keep them active, so they’re ready to love on, and spend time with, you upon your return.

This plan includes 3 (three)  walks, feeding, fresh water refills, playtime, lots of love, and cuddles.

$80 per day + $20 per extra dog

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Daytime Cat Sitting

Our services focus on dogs, but we understand that dream achievers can be cat people too. We will care for your feline baby, while you work on making your dreams come true. 

This service includes feeding, fresh water refills, litter change, playtime, and cuddles.

Every cat is different, so you can customize the number of visits you need.

$25 per visit + $10 per extra cat

Sleeping Dogs

Overnight Stays

We know you are busy achieving your goals, and you might need to be away from home for a night (or more). There’s no need to take your pet with you, you can leave your pet koolin’ in the comfort of their home, and we’ll take care of them – and your home- at night (from 9pm to 7am) so they don’t feel alone.

This plan includes 2 (two) walks (one before bed, one in the morning), fresh water refills, feeding, playtime, love, and cuddles.


$120 per night + $25 per extra dog


Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Sometimes you must travel, and bringing your pet with you can be complicated and costly. Instead of leaving your pet with a stranger in a cold pet hotel, they can stay at our place. We’ll take care of your pet as we would ours. We’ll walk, feed, and play with them and give them lots of love and cuddles.

This service is limited to our availability. Pet parents must provide food, a proper leash, a bed, a water bowl, and other things the pet might need during their stay with us.

$100 per day + $25 per extra dog

dogs in robes
Pet Daycare


Feeding Time

Doggy Daycare

It’s like boarding, but only for 12 hours (from 7am to 7pm). You can leave your dog koolin’ with us, and we’ll keep them company. We’ll also walk them, play with them, care for them, and give them lots of love and cuddles. 


This service is limited to our availability. Pet parents must provide food, a proper leash, a bed, a water bowl, and other things the pet might need during their stay with us.

$80 per day + $20 per extra dog



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Hardwood Ridge

Residents in a 2-mile radius around 409 Hardwood Ridge get $10 off ONE of the following services:

  • Daytime Dog Sitting

  • Pet Boarding

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Referral Program

Enjoy a %50 discount on one walk or %20 off one sit for each referral that purchases any of our services.



*Exculsions apply. Offers are applied at service provider's discretion. Contact service provider for details.

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