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KOOLIN’ K9S takes care of your pet so you can chase your dreams! We are bonded and insured and a Certified Member of the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS), so you can feel confident that we will treat your furry family member as one of ours while you’re out achieving your goals.


To give dog parents peace of mind when they’re away from home by keeping their dogs active, loved, and well cared for. This way, you can keep working hard on making your dreams a reality, guilt-free.


Hey there, KOOLIN’ K9S Pack! 

My Name is Mary Evans (a.k.a. MJ), and I am the owner and founder of KOOLIN’ K9S. Initially from Delaware, I moved to Miami for the warm weather and beautiful beaches. 

My passion for animals goes way back. I started to ride horses at the age of 8, and my family owned pets when I was growing up. Soon after I got to Miami, my neighbor moved in. He’s an established dream chaser, working hard to provide a future for his family and pets. Naturally, being a busy person, he needed extra help caring for his dogs, and that’s when I stepped in to help. I quickly bonded with his dogs and cared for them as if they were my own.

One pet sitting/walking gig led to another, and so on… Now, here I am - running my own company dedicated to helping dream achievers like you care for their pets. 

Change is the only constant in life, so it took me to North Carolina. Here I continue to serve the community of goal-oriented pet parents so they can chase their dreams while their pets are cared for.

Thank you for choosing KOOLIN’ K9S. I can't wait to meet your fur baby!

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Going for a Walk

Dog Walking

Every dog is different, so we have various options for their walks, and you can customize the number of visits you need.

Cat and Dog

Pet Sitting

We will feed them and keep them active, at the comfort of your home, so they’re ready to love on, and spend time with, you upon your return.

Image by Jamie Street

Pet Boarding

There's no need to take your pet when you travel. You can have the peace of mind that we will take great care of them and your home while you're away.

Image by Mel Elías


Plan in advance the care your pet deserves while you chase your dreams. We offer packages for your convenience based on your pet's needs.

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